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Tonkinese Coat Colours

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Located on green acres near the town of Oberon in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. El'Sprite cattery breed on a small scale ensuring quality and consistency. We started 20 years ago successfully breeding Mini Foxie dogs. Since then the name "El'Sprite" has been attached to miniature horses, mini foxies, Tenterfield Terriers and now, Tonkinese cats.


Over the years things have changed as we no longer breed equines, Mini Foxies where recognised as "Tenterfield Terriers" and we

have found the love of felines.

Welcome to
El’Sprite Tonkinese

"The Tonkinese cat was originally the result of a Siamese to

Burmese mating. The ideal Tonkinese is intermediate in type, being neither cobby nor svelte. Medium sized, it is an alert active cat with good muscular development, heavier than it looks. Males are generally larger than females." Quoted from the CCCA Standard of Excellence.

The Tonkinese cat come in 4 recognised colours, brown, blue, chocolate & lilac and 3 patterns, point, mink & solid. Eye colour changes with the coat pattern, beautiful blue in points, striking aquamarine on minks and stunning chartuse on solids.

All El'Sprite kittens are vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, litter trained & come with many more extras. All kittens are registered with Australian National Cats. Average price, $950

"I am often asked "Will my cat get along with another cat?", "Should I introduce a kitten earlier or is later better?" OF COURSE!!! Anytime, this breed of cat loves family & attention!"

"Yes we freight overseas - please inquire for pricing to your state or country.


"Tonkinese are a breed defined by their personality"

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